Are Laptop Stands Worth it?

Are Laptop Stands Worth it

It depends on what you’re looking for in your office space, but yes, laptop stands are sure to make working much easier and better for you. There are plenty of benefits to having a laptop stand to optimize your workspace. If you’re looking for a way to make working easier on your posture and a cheap way to correct your slouch in the office, then a laptop stand is perfect for you.

It’s important to make note of how a laptop stand compares to your standard desk or adjustable tables. Many offices and home workspaces have begun to introduce adjustable desks as a way to improve employee health and to adjust posture problems. However, they can be quite expensive and might not always be enough. Luckily, we have a fantastic and affordable alternative.

Comparing to Other Workspace Options

So why should someone buy a laptop stand over a standard desk or an adjustable table? What are the differences that make a laptop stand so much better? Well, there are many from the ease of use to the practical and health benefits a laptop stand provides. Here is a direct comparison between your typical workspace tables and a laptop stand.


With your standard desk, your laptop rests below eye level which causes you to slouch and look down at your work. This slouching can create strain in your back and will lead to posture problems the more you work. There is no adjustability to a desk so you’re stuck looking at the same level, keeping the same posture throughout the day.

The laptop stand enables users to bring the laptop up to eye level which introduces better posture and easier accessibility. Your back will be straight and the strain will be eliminated. Laptop stands are also portable which enables you to bring your work with you wherever you go.

Adjustable Table

While the adjustable table is certainly better than your standard desk in that it allows you to bring your laptop to a height that works for you, there are a few issues that they can present. For one, they’re quite expensive. Not only are you buying a new desk, but you’re also buying one with added features and a new form of adjustability. That is certain to raise the price a bunch. A laptop stand is much more affordable.

Another key benefit of a laptop stand when compared to an adjustable table or desk is the simplicity. Some adjustable tables can be quite difficult to adjust which will take time out of your day that you might not have. A laptop stand can be easily adjusted in a matter of seconds without strain or stress.

Health Benefits

The number one reason why a laptop stand is most certainly “worth it” is because of the fantastic health benefits they offer. We’ve all heard the trope that sitting too long throughout the day in a chair can cause back problems. Well, with the laptop stand, those posture issues are gone, and anyone can easily optimize their workspace. Get your laptop stand today!

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