How Much do Laptop Stands Cost?

How Much do Laptop Stands Cost

Keeping your posture correct and protecting your back throughout the day shouldn’t cost a fortune. There is no reason why you have to break the bank to avoid breaking your back as you work. To keep costs low and to actively protect your posture and enable healthy working conditions, we’re taking a look at one of the best and most affordable workspace alternatives available – the laptop stand.

Laptop stands are a fantastic alternative – or enhancement – to your standing desk or office table. They bring the laptop up to eye level and enable you to enjoy a healthy posture while in the office or working around the house. The best thing is that they are an incredibly affordable alternative to adjustable tables or desks.

Comparing to Other Desks and Tables

If you’re looking for your standard office desk, you could end up shelling out anything from a couple of hundred bucks to half a grand. Quality office desks start at around $150 and only go up from there, and they don’t even offer you the posture assistance you’re looking for. An adjustable desk brings the price up to about $200-$400, depending on the quality of the table.

A standing desk goes up even higher than that with some devices reaching upwards of $2,000. How much does a typical laptop stand cost? You’ll find the range of a laptop stand to be anywhere from $20-$100. They are significantly cheaper and offer much more in terms of support and posture correction. They’re much easier to use and can be brought with you almost anywhere. Laptop stands are an affordable and much more desirable alternative to desks and tables.

Watch Out For Shipping Fees

When comparing the prices of laptop stands, you might find some options that are quite inexpensive. Some models sell for only $15 online! However, with prices like that, you’re going to find a drop in quality as well as hidden fees for taxes and shipping. Many companies do not offer free shipping with their laptop stands whereas we do in order to ensure that the price you see is the price you pay!

Shipping fees can pack quite a punch and are often left up to the consumer to pay so that the company can conserve costs and spending. We cover the shipping fees because we know that laptop stands are an affordable alternative. Don’t break the bank on shipping fees when you’re hunting for a cheap alternative.

Buying From Us

Not only are you getting free shipping, no matter where you’re located, but you’re getting some of the highest quality available. Our laptop stands offer quality, adjustability, affordability, and comfort. No matter where you’re working, you’ll have a fantastic workspace buddy by your side. Bring the work with you outside, or stay comfortable in bed with these laptop stands.

Our laptop stands are designed for you, to make sure that your posture is never compromised and that you can work comfortably without breaking the bank. Get your SMART laptop stand today!

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