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Tablets are highly versatile and are useful for both work and play. Many people use their tablet to play their favorite mobile games, read books, articles, or magazines, or watch movies, television, or other online content. Holding a tablet out in front of your face quickly becomes tiring and looking down at it for extended periods of time is sure to lead to neck and back pain. This is why so many people use tablet stands to make their experience more comfortable. The Smart tablet stand is a great choice as it acts as both a laptop and a tablet stand and has a range of features that make it highly versatile.

The stand can be used with tablets of any size and is suitable for use with pretty much any seating or standing surface. The stand can be used at a desk, in bed, on the couch, in the car, or even as a standing desk at a counter. It is height and angle adjustable, so you can get the perfect screen view for your tablet without having to strain your neck or back. The stand provides for quality, comfortable, ergonomic ways to use your tablet, wherever you are.

Our stand is an award-winning, affordable, and high-quality multi-angle  tablet stand. It is made from the finest materials and is both height and angle adjustable. It is a durable stand that makes it comfortable to work in a wide range of settings from a desk, couch, bed, or even the yard. The ergonomic design helps to improve posture and reduce back pain, while still allowing you to be productive at work.

Why do you need a tablet stand?

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Health benefits

Our stands are ergonomically designed to help you alleviate pain due to bad posture. Poor posture, while sitting at a desk for extended periods of time, is responsible for a wide range of issues, with the most common ones being back and neck pains. Our stand contributes to the reduction of these painful issues by allowing you to adjust the height and the angle of the stand in accordance to your built and needs.

There is a lot of research done about the benefits of moving from a seated to a standing position throughout the day. Changing working position helps reducing the pressure put on just one area of the body, and therefore, alleviating the pain due to improved blood flow and regular muscle prolongation.

While our stand alone cannot ensure an easy transition from a sitting to a standing position, however, coupled with a height-adjustable work desk this stand becomes an invaluable addition to your home office set. Your back and neck will certainly thank you.


Our tablet stands are useful for a wide range of purposes. Its most obvious use is as a stand for your tablet, whether you work at office or at home. With this stand you are not limited to sitting at a desk. Of course, you can use it at a traditional desk, but it can also be used in the non-traditional work settings, like a couch or a bed for example. With more people working at home than ever before, this stand is a great way to make a smooth transition from a classic office environment to a bit more comfortable home environment.

The stand is not meant just for work. It is also a great way to enhance your comfort level for playing computer games. You can sit comfortably on your couch and safely adjust the angle of the tablet to your needs, making playing your favorite computer games a bit more comfortable.

It is also a great tool for holding up a tablet, large or small. If, for example, you want to read an e-book or long article on your tablet, you can sit comfortably in your bed, put the tablet on the desktop surface, and adjust the angle to best suit your sitting position.

There are tons of ways that you can get enhanced use out of our stand. It is a comfortable way to work, read, play games, watch online videos, and more. It works well with standard-sized laptops up to 15″ wide as well as tablets of any size.

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