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There are many reasons to choose Smart Laptop Stands, but the main ones are for the quality, comfort and health benefits. Let’s take a look at each of these in turn.


Our Smart Laptop stand is built to last. It is durable and well-made from the highest quality materials and we back our stand with an unprecedented six-month warranty. The stand frame is made from the high-strength aluminum alloy, while the tray part is made from aluminum alloy, density board, and ABS. This means that the stand is tough and ready for heavy-duty.

Our stand also features multi-angled adjustable non-slip legs, so you can easily place it on any surface without the need to worry about slippage. While other stands may slip across surfaces like carpet, our stand is sturdy and stable, and will stand without slipping on a wide range of surfaces such as carpet, linoleum and wood flooring. The stand is height-adjustable so you can change in in accordance with your needs.

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Smart Laptop Stands for Multiple Purposes


The Smart Laptop Stand is versatile and can be used in a variety of settings. You can use the laptop stand at a traditional or standing desks, or you can use it while sitting on your bed or couch. With its versatility, you can use this stand in pretty much any environment you wish to work in. It provides comfortable access to standard-sized laptops and you can adjust the stand to your exact height settings with ease.

For multi-worker households, the ability to adjust the stand allows multiple people to use it. The top part of the stand is adjustable as well, allowing you to change the angle of the laptop for maximum comfort.


One of the biggest downsides of office work is back and neck problems associated with lengthy periods of time spent sitting in ill-designed chairs. Our desks at work don’t often adjust, so we have to contort ourselves to fit the office furniture. This can have negative effects on the body and can lead to long-term issues. An adjustable surface, like our laptop stand, allows you to adjust the angle of the surface to your comfort.

The versatility of the stand allows you to use the stand in either sitting or standing positions. There is plenty of evidence that standing desks can reduce the likelihood of developing back, neck and other issues associated with prolonged sitting. Being able to move from a sitting to standing position throughout the day helps reduce the amount of time spent in one position, which is often the culprit behind office-related back and other issues. Regularly alternating between sitting and standing at work is a great way to reduce back and other potential issues that may arise from prolonged sitting at an ill-designed desk. Therefore, coupling our laptop stand with a height-adjustable office desk is imperative to keep your neck and back healthy.

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